We’re live!

We’re happy to announce that the new web site for Mobile Monday DC is live at http://www.dcmomo.com

Along with the site we’re now up and running with a new mailing list, so please sign up there if you haven’t already done so.

Some technical notes for the technically minded:

  • Our new site is a WordPress blog, hosted by WordPress, with a lightly customized theme. WordPress gives us the features we need to for our site, without the added cost and investment required to host the site ourselves. We also chose a responsive theme for the new site, which means we can deliver a quality mobile experience. Since we’re a mobile-focused organization, being mobile-friendly is a requirement
  • We’re managing our new mailing list using MailChimp, a powerful and friendly tool for managing mailing lists and mailings. Right now we’re using the free service, which gives us plenty of capabilities. We can always upgrade to a paid option as our list and needs grow.
  • The new site and list manager replace Ning, which we used to manage the old site and mailing list. Ning offered more features than WordPress, in particular support for a member community and shared content. We found, though, that we weren’t really taking advantage of those features, but still had to manage them to clean out spam and other unwanted content.

We may want to add more community features to dcmomo.com over time, if we see a need or desire among our members. If you want to see more opportunities for community and engagement on our site, please let us know. Better yet, if you have some ideas you’d like to try out, we’ll be happy to work with you on a volunteer basis to make them happen.

We hope you enjoy the new web site, and look forward to seeing you at our Mobile Monday DC events.

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